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Japanese Professionals told to wear Hawaiian shirts in wake of Air Con Concerns

Written by Alex under Air Conditioners, General | No Comments ""

Although global warming is an extremely pressing matter and the recent natural disasters in Japan a truly devastating tragedy, we at the Air and Water Centre couldn’t help but be tickled by this recent news story. Japanese professionals have been advised by the Government to ditch suits, collars and ties in favour for attire one would […]



Set Air Purifiers To Full Power!

Written by Alex under Air Purifiers, General | No Comments ""

The millions of people in the UK who suffer from hay fever can check out a new service on the Met’ Office’s website which give a pollen forecast. With the hot weather which started in April many people will be stuck indoors crying and sneezing as tree pollen gives way to grass pollen over summer. […]



Time To Cool Down Now That Things Are Hotting Up

Written by Alex under Air Conditioners, General | No Comments ""

Before the weather gets too hot, it’s a good time to think about doing some maintenance on your air conditioners to make sure they’re running efficiently. Keeping the air conditioner running at an optimum level will not only save you money it’ll save you power and therefore keep the greenhouse gasses which are thought to […]



Spring is in the air and a young man’s thoughts turn to air-con!

Written by Alex under Air Conditioners, Ceiling Fans, General | No Comments ""

If you’re buying AC for the first time or replacing an old unit with a new, upgraded energy efficient model there are a few things you should look out for. First of all you should look out for an air con unit which is specifically suited to the size of your home/office/workshop. If it’s not […]



Air Conditioning Don’ts And Don’ts

Written by Duncan under Air Conditioners, General | No Comments ""

As we approach the warmer, stickier weather that Summer could bring, more companies are looking to either fit or procure air conditioning or ramp up existing installations in response to their employee’s complaints about the working environment.    Wall-mounted split air conditioners do deliver a powerful output and can cool large areas although they do need […]



Fans Ain’t What They Used To Be

Written by Duncan under Ceiling Fans, General | No Comments ""

Forecasting the weather beyond about a week ahead stretches even the most experienced weather forecaster. The Met Office and the European Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasting (ECMWF) have huge amounts of computing power at their disposal and, as we all know, they can still get it completely wrong. Nowadays, a forecast for five days […]



Spring Needn’t Mean Suffering

Written by Duncan under Air Purifiers | No Comments ""

There are some less pleasant aspects of Spring and Summer time for those who suffer from hay fever, but there are steps you can take to alleviate the affects of those allergies and still let in the lovely Spring weather. If you are suffering from hay fever or asthma, it’s generally agreed that air quality […]