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Preventing Mould Is Just As Important As Keeping Dust Down

Written by Alex under General, Humidifiers | No Comments ""

It’s not only in spring that you’ll suffer from dust, pollen and other allergic reactions. A great deal of dust can get behind the radiators in the warmer months and when the central heating comes on all those allergens come flowing out, up into the lovely warm air currents and swimming about your house. Not […]



Keeping Your Children Well And Retaining Your Sanity In Flu Season

Written by Alex under Air Purifiers, Humidifiers | No Comments ""

Cold and flu’ season is descending upon us as rapidly as ever and if you’ve got children you’ll know what misery this can be for every-one. Coughs, sore throats, snotty noses and headaches are all to be looked forward to, along with the all pervading smell of camphor if you’re lucky enough to retain a […]



Standby For Information!

Written by Alex under Air Purifiers, Dehumidifiers, General | No Comments ""

Because of the health benefits and the changes we’ve seen in the climate over the past few years, ( do you remember the last time summer or winter wasn’t the hottest, wettest, driest, or windiest since records began?) many people are finding it necessary to invest in additional heaters for the winter and coolers such […]



A Few Winter Warmers

Written by Alex under General | No Comments ""

Winter drawers on! And as the temperature plummets it’s time to think about heating solutions. For small rooms which aren’t part of the central heating system the most versatile solution is an oil filled radiator, they heat up quickly, are easily portable, equipped with a timer and small enough to slot into even the smallest […]



Stamp Out The Damp

Written by Alex under General | No Comments ""

As the winter draws closer and the weather gets increasingly worse keeping the belongings you have in storage in good condition becomes more and more pressing. Damp is a perennial problem, soft furnishing, foam filled furniture and plaster will go mouldy, stored timber will warp everything tuns musty and untreated metals begin to corrode. Ventilation, […]



How to Choose Ceiling Fans for Conservatories: The Air and Water Centre Guide

Written by Alex under Ceiling Fans | No Comments ""

A conservatory can be a pleasant place to sit when you want to see a little bit of nature without leaving your home entirely. During the hottest parts of the year however, the glass surrounding conservatories can cause a ‘greenhouse effect’ and see the room become unbearably humid and too sticky to sit in. The […]



Things Are Hotting Up In The Garden

Written by Alex under General | No Comments ""

If you’ve stayed in Britain over the summer you’ll probably have already invested in an outdoor heater! Apart from the odd day the weather has been terrible. A friend of mine who studies climatology at Sussex University told me that the weather patterns have changed so much that we should expect a hot spring and […]