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Spring Is In The Air, But Are Bugs And Germs As Well?

Written by Alex under Air Conditioners, Air Purifiers, General | No Comments ""

Spring is almost upon us and naturally that means it’s time for a good spring clean! Today people are more aware of the chemicals they bring into their homes and the affects these chemicals have upon their own health and the wider health of the planet, than ever before. People are particularly conscious of chemicals […]



What About Converting Your Garage Into Another Room?

Written by Alex under General, Heaters | No Comments ""

Last week we looked at converting a shed or garage into a workshop but there are a number of other reasons to convert a garage. They can provide additional living space to a home which is starting to feel cramped, or they can add a touch of luxury, being converted into a home gym or […]



Security When Turning A Shed Or Garage Into A Workshop

Written by Alex under General, Heaters, Weather Stations | No Comments ""

You might have come to our website because you’re thinking of converting a shed or garage into a workshop and you’re thinking about how you’re going to heat it so that it’s comfortable to work in all year round. If that’s you, welcome! However, the blog this week isn’t going to be about panel heaters, […]



Do It Yourself Maintenance For Your Humidifier

Written by Alex under General, Humidifiers, Limescale Inhibitors | No Comments ""

Keeping your air quality equipment in good working order is important for smooth, efficient operation. Badly maintained equipment will become noisy, smelly, expensive to run and not do its job properly. Basic maintenance can be undertaken by the user in the space of an afternoon without any specialist knowledge and undertaking some simple jobs now […]



Basic Maintenance For Your Dehumidifier

Written by Alex under Air Purifiers, Dehumidifiers, General | No Comments ""

The end of winter is a kind of hinterland for humidifiers and other devices designed to improve air quality in the home. The heating’s not on so regularly, you’ve got the opportunity to throw the windows open without having to worry about pollen and your pets can spend much more time outdoors. Considering your appliances […]



How To Have A Hot Date On A Cold Night

Written by Alex under General, Heaters | No Comments ""

So it’s one week before Valentine’s Day and it’s also the coldest week of the winter so far. It tricks me every year, the hype and marketing of Valentines Day always makes me for get that the day isn’t in spring, although you’d be forgiven for thinking it was given all the flowers and other […]



Will Air Filtration Help Beat The Next Pandemic?

Written by Alex under Air Purifier Reviews, Air Purifiers, General | No Comments ""

Air purifiers not only clear the air in your home or office of particles as small as dust, they actually get down to filtering the air at a microbial and even viral level. While many doctors and researchers are saying that we should cut back on our use of antibiotics as they are making us […]