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Articles for Weather Station Reviews



Why Does Good Weather Put Everyone Under Additional Pressure?

Written by Alex under General, Weather Station Reviews, Weather Stations | No Comments ""

Evangelista Torricelli developed the theory of atmospheric pressure in the seventeenth century. The barometer back then was not to measure air pressure but to create a vacuum above a column of water in a glass tube. After the invention of the barometer there was furious debate as to whether it could indeed be used to […]



Making Sense Of The Shipping Forecast

Written by Alex under Weather Station Reviews, Weather Stations | No Comments ""

If you’re not a trawlerman or the skipper of a car ferry travelling to the continent you’ve probably heard the shipping forecast and wondered what on earth this pleasant sounding yet nonsensical droning means. If you had a desk top weather station then the information regarding your local area would be right in front of […]



Humidifiers Could Help Kill Flu Viruses

Written by Duncan under Dehumidifiers, General, Humidifiers, Weather Station Reviews | 1 Comment ""

Cold and flu season has arrived and it’s been well established that running a humidifier in your home can help relieve congestion and soothe a sore throat.  A humidifier can be particularly beneficial for children with colds and snuffles as their smaller nostrils get stuffed up more easily. Indeed, one of the first things most […]



Review of the Vision by Miss Margaret Brockie

Written by Duncan under Weather Station Reviews | No Comments ""

Really useful idea as I have it on the bedroom window and I can see from my nice warm bedroom what the weather is like outside. As an outdoor person I can then decide if I need my thermals on.



Review of Diva Base weather station by Daphne Buxton

Written by Duncan under Weather Station Reviews | 1 Comment ""

Easy to read instructions and set up. Works anywhere in the house and using outdoor transmitter gives us an accurate reading of greenhouse temperature all day at a glance. It has very accurate forecasting. Gives us a calendar and perfect time of day and constant humidity reading. We love it and utilize it every day. […]



Review of Nexus weather station by Mark Alldridge

Written by Duncan under Weather Station Reviews | No Comments ""

I’ve had this unit for several months now and I am really very impressed with it. This is my first foray into weather data collection and I searched long and hard to find a suitable unit. I wanted something semi-professional but that didn’t cost a small fortune. After comparing lots of systems, I plumped for […]