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Security When Turning A Shed Or Garage Into A Workshop

Written by Alex under General, Heaters, Weather Stations | No Comments ""

You might have come to our website because you’re thinking of converting a shed or garage into a workshop and you’re thinking about how you’re going to heat it so that it’s comfortable to work in all year round. If that’s you, welcome! However, the blog this week isn’t going to be about panel heaters, […]



Why Does Good Weather Put Everyone Under Additional Pressure?

Written by Alex under General, Weather Station Reviews, Weather Stations | No Comments ""

Evangelista Torricelli developed the theory of atmospheric pressure in the seventeenth century. The barometer back then was not to measure air pressure but to create a vacuum above a column of water in a glass tube. After the invention of the barometer there was furious debate as to whether it could indeed be used to […]



Making Sense Of The Shipping Forecast

Written by Alex under Weather Station Reviews, Weather Stations | No Comments ""

If you’re not a trawlerman or the skipper of a car ferry travelling to the continent you’ve probably heard the shipping forecast and wondered what on earth this pleasant sounding yet nonsensical droning means. If you had a desk top weather station then the information regarding your local area would be right in front of […]



Get The Jump On The Unpredictable British Weather

Written by Duncan under Weather Stations | No Comments ""

So it’s technically the summer now, although in many places around the UK  over the weekend you’d be forgiven for not really noticing that. So how do we know if we need to break out the desk fan or thermal jacket? Other than relying on the TV weather forecast, which seems to get it wrong […]



Weather Wizards of OZ?

Written by Duncan under General, Weather Stations | No Comments ""

Weather forecasters. The popular conception often seems to be that they may have more gadgets and gizmos, but seemingly today’s weathermen can’t tell us much more than the Shaman in the headdress holding two sticks and throwing chicken entrails at the clouds.  After all, even with global warming and all that, how hard can it […]



Humidifiers Could Help Kill Flu Viruses

Written by Duncan under Dehumidifiers, General, Humidifiers, Weather Station Reviews | 1 Comment ""

Cold and flu season has arrived and it’s been well established that running a humidifier in your home can help relieve congestion and soothe a sore throat.  A humidifier can be particularly beneficial for children with colds and snuffles as their smaller nostrils get stuffed up more easily. Indeed, one of the first things most […]



Review of the Vision by Miss Margaret Brockie

Written by Duncan under Weather Station Reviews | No Comments ""

Really useful idea as I have it on the bedroom window and I can see from my nice warm bedroom what the weather is like outside. As an outdoor person I can then decide if I need my thermals on.



Review of Diva Base weather station by Daphne Buxton

Written by Duncan under Weather Station Reviews | 1 Comment ""

Easy to read instructions and set up. Works anywhere in the house and using outdoor transmitter gives us an accurate reading of greenhouse temperature all day at a glance. It has very accurate forecasting. Gives us a calendar and perfect time of day and constant humidity reading. We love it and utilize it every day. […]



Review of Nexus weather station by Mark Alldridge

Written by Duncan under Weather Station Reviews | No Comments ""

I’ve had this unit for several months now and I am really very impressed with it. This is my first foray into weather data collection and I searched long and hard to find a suitable unit. I wanted something semi-professional but that didn’t cost a small fortune. After comparing lots of systems, I plumped for […]