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Articles for Limescale Inhibitors



Do It Yourself Maintenance For Your Humidifier

Written by Alex under General, Humidifiers, Limescale Inhibitors | No Comments ""

Keeping your air quality equipment in good working order is important for smooth, efficient operation. Badly maintained equipment will become noisy, smelly, expensive to run and not do its job properly. Basic maintenance can be undertaken by the user in the space of an afternoon without any specialist knowledge and undertaking some simple jobs now […]



Review of Cracker Scale Inhibitor by Simon Randolph

Written by Duncan under Scale Inhibitor Reviews | No Comments ""

Fitted the Cracker unit on Thursday and to date, the kettle is still scale free.  It used to scale up after 2 or 3 uses…. I cant believe how slick the product is and how simple and cost effective the solution is to lime scale.  Very pleased with the product and will be suggesting to […]