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Keeping Your Holiday Home Safe Over Winter

Written by Alex under Dehumidifiers, Desiccant, General, Heaters | No Comments ""

If you’re fortunate enough to have a holiday home you’ll know that it’s not just burglars that your property can be affected by, storms, cold snaps and all sorts of other factors including storms, frost, snow and damp. Leaving any property untended for a period of time will result in decay but if your second […]



Give Your Garden Some Love This Spring

Written by Alex under General, Heaters | No Comments ""

Should you be unfortunate enough to have to spend time at home during a weekday recently you’ll no doubt have seen what passes for quality programming; home buying shows which are a decade out of date and couples rapidly approaching either graduation or their dotage buying up the stock of a junk shop in hope […]



What About Converting Your Garage Into Another Room?

Written by Alex under General, Heaters | No Comments ""

Last week we looked at converting a shed or garage into a workshop but there are a number of other reasons to convert a garage. They can provide additional living space to a home which is starting to feel cramped, or they can add a touch of luxury, being converted into a home gym or […]



Security When Turning A Shed Or Garage Into A Workshop

Written by Alex under General, Heaters, Weather Stations | No Comments ""

You might have come to our website because you’re thinking of converting a shed or garage into a workshop and you’re thinking about how you’re going to heat it so that it’s comfortable to work in all year round. If that’s you, welcome! However, the blog this week isn’t going to be about panel heaters, […]



How To Have A Hot Date On A Cold Night

Written by Alex under General, Heaters | No Comments ""

So it’s one week before Valentine’s Day and it’s also the coldest week of the winter so far. It tricks me every year, the hype and marketing of Valentines Day always makes me for get that the day isn’t in spring, although you’d be forgiven for thinking it was given all the flowers and other […]



We’re Big Fans of Heaters

Written by Duncan under General, Heaters, Humidifiers | No Comments ""

With more people either digging out heaters from the attic or thinking of buying a new one as the cold nights draw in, many are seeking the most economical way of getting heat in a room quickly.  Fan heaters certainly pump out the therms using an electrically powered fan that blows air across a hot […]



What Is The Greenest Way Of Heating Your Home?

Written by Duncan under General, Heaters | No Comments ""

There is a considerable rise in awareness of the urgent need to conserve energy, particularly as we are still mostly dependent on fossil fuels (be it oil, coal or gas) for most of our needs. Many maintain that the energy revolution should begin at home and while individuals are never going to change the future […]



A Humidifier Means Beauty Is More Than Skin Deep

Written by Duncan under Heaters, Humidifiers | No Comments ""

Most weather men are suggesting that last year was one of the coldest so far.  Temperatures are still pretty low, but add a wind chill factor to that and the results on your skin can be very damaging.    Even just a short trip outdoors can make your skin suffer.   When the cold winds start whipping […]



The Coldest Countries In The World

Written by Duncan under Heaters, Humidifiers | No Comments ""

The UK experienced one of the coldest periods of winter weather in living memory in December last year.   While this was a shock to us Brits who usually enjoy comparatively mild winters, we managed well enough with heaters and humidifiers at our disposal.  However, even that shivering memory pales into insignificance when compared to the […]



The Science Of Keeping Warm

Written by Duncan under Heaters | No Comments ""

The recent snow fall in the UK prompted worry about getting to work on time, then getting to work at all!  Now that some sort of thaw has set in, those concerns have diminished, but this is still winter really and more people, especially the elderly, should be preoccupied with how to keep warm. The […]



Fuel Poverty and Cold Will Kill More Elderly People in the UK This Winter

Written by Duncan under General, Heaters | No Comments ""

TheWeatherOutlook, one of the UK’s leading independent weather forecasters, has suggested there’s a 45%-49% chance that we’ll have a white Christmas this year with the prospects for yuletide snow better than they have been for years.  Even if it’s not a Dickensian blanket on Christmas Day, colder weather will begin to bite bringing an increasing […]



Guide to Portable Electric Heaters

Written by Duncan under Heaters | 1 Comment ""

This provides an overview of the main types of portable electric heaters and their features. Oil Filled Radiators Oil filled radiators are popular domestic heaters as they are silent and tend not to promote dust. They are sealed units that contain oil. The oil is heated, which then releases the heat over a period of time. Once the temperature […]