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A Humidifier Means Beauty Is More Than Skin Deep

Written by Duncan under Heaters, Humidifiers | No Comments ""

Most weather men are suggesting that last year was one of the coldest so far.  Temperatures are still pretty low, but add a wind chill factor to that and the results on your skin can be very damaging.    Even just a short trip outdoors can make your skin suffer.   When the cold winds start whipping in, skin can feel very dry with itching of the hands and legs.  There may even be some cracking involved if the dryness gets too severe.

That may not be a result of the arctic conditions directly, but rather  a consequence of the fact that , when the heaters come on as we get home or reach the office, the humidity drops and our skin dries out  far too rapidly.  Lengthy exposure to direct heat after being outdoors in the cold can cause darkening and hardening of the skin that may lead to permanent damage.  Pleasant as the prospect might seem, you should try not to crank up the hot water temperature when you shower or bath after braving the elements because that too can dry your skin out even more.

Having humidifiers, like a humidifier from JS Humidifiers, is a good solution as it puts moisture back the air and that’s good for your skin.  During the winter months you should also use an oil based moisturizer which prevents water loss and protects the skin. Moisturizers that contain a mixture of around 80% oil and 20% water are best as they will form a protective layer on the skin. When you are taking a bath with warm water, add some bath oil to keep the skin moist and try to drink around eight glasses of water every day as this too will keep your skin hydrated.


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