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The Coldest Countries In The World

Written by Duncan under Heaters, Humidifiers | No Comments ""

The UK experienced one of the coldest periods of winter weather in living memory in December last year.   While this was a shock to us Brits who usually enjoy comparatively mild winters, we managed well enough with heaters and humidifiers at our disposal.  However, even that shivering memory pales into insignificance when compared to the chilly climates that other countries endure.   Here are the five apparently coldest in the world:

Antarctica:  no surprises here really.  Antarctica is home to the South Pole and is a continent in its own right.  It is so cold  that it’s never been  inhabited by humans, although there is a temporary population as research centres and labs house scientists  that carry out experiments on this untapped and hostile land mass.

USA: this will surprise many as the image most have of the good ol’ U S of A is golden sands, sun-parched highways and scantily clad beauty queens. The reality is that the USA is huge country and sees massive variations in temperature, while Californians surf and sun worship, skiers and snowboarders enjoy the powder in resorts like Aspen

Greenland: another vast country, located in the north mid Atlantic, temperatures reach a maximum of seven degrees in the summer months, perhaps explaining the low population and lack of tourists.

Estonia: this Baltic outpost is situated in North-Eastern Europe and is subject to freezing rain at any time of the year which instantly lowers the temperature

Finland: home to the popular tourist destination and dwelling place of Santa Claus of course. It’s a unique holiday destination owing to the fact that it’s covered in snow and subject to biting and bitter winds for around a third of the year. Coincidentally, it’s also home to some of the best rally drivers in the world – must be those slippery conditions!

So there you have it.  We Brits really don’t have much to moan about.  The brief snow showers we had to contend with of late are simply routine for the residents of these chilly places.


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