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The Science Of Keeping Warm

Written by Duncan under Heaters | No Comments ""

The recent snow fall in the UK prompted worry about getting to work on time, then getting to work at all!  Now that some sort of thaw has set in, those concerns have diminished, but this is still winter really and more people, especially the elderly, should be preoccupied with how to keep warm.

The snowfall and the recent floods in Australia have shown just what a powerful beast Mother Nature can be and how vulnerable we really are to any changes in the weather.  Obviously, when roads were covered in snow and ice, many people were forced to use that much under-utilized form of transport to get around – walking.   While the worst of the arctic conditions seems to be over, we cannot rule out their return and no matter what the reason, the increased necessity to get around on foot makes it crucial to wrap up warm to avoid any temperature- related health issues.

Keeping warm should be a simple enough task but many people still seem to get it wrong.  There is a misconception that one, large, thick coat should suffice against the icy blasts.  However, as any arctic explorer will tell you, it’s far better to don multiple thin layers. Many thin layers are better because air gets trapped between them, insulating the body in the same way that double glazing works.

There is also the common belief that the body loses over half its heat from the head.  People are urged to buy a huge, often furry, hat thinking that they will be hoarding the heat and neglect the rest of their body.  In fact, it would be far more beneficial to concentrate on the areas of the body that are prone to frost bite:  fingers, toes and to some extent, the hands and feet and other extremities.

In summary, it is important to keep the whole body warm, gloves and thick socks are just as important as a hat and scarf. If conditions are particularly biting, heated gel packs in pockets of specialists camping pocket warmers will provide an extra source of warmth, albeit a short lived one. Walk at a brisk pace to keep blood flowing around the body and ensure you get back home to your heaters as soon as possible!


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