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Review of Superdry Marine & Caravan moisture absorber by Graeme Mansfield

Written by Graeme under Desiccant | No Comments ""

Moisture absorberI have been using Superdry marine and caravan packs on my boat for some 3 years now and thought my experience would be useful to others. I imagine that this will be equally interesting for caravan or classic car owners or any similar application especially if power is not readily available to run a conventional dehumidifier. As my boat is on a swinging mooring this was never an option.

I am astounded that these packs are capable of absorbing twice their own weight in water. You can see how much they swell after a month or two onboard and it is reassuring that the water is safely locked away and unable to do any damage.

The difference using the 1,000g sack makes in the winter to the environment in the saloon cabin is just amazing. Before using this product the windows and walls would regularly run with condensation and this would in turn make the bedding damp. By springtime it was always a regular task to scrub mould off the walls and deck head before the first Easter sail. Now the bedding stays dry and usable all year round and there is very little mould at all to clean off. I have found that the sacks last about 2 months so for me 2 or three packs sees me through the critical period, end of October to beginning of March. My boat is 20’ long so on a larger boat I imagine you may need more than one?

I think if I had a boat with a hanging locker I would keep one of the 1,000g sacks in there all season to keep the clothes sweet and dry rather than having to take them home at the end of each weekend.

The 100g sachets are extremely useful all year round as well. One of these lives in the chart table and keeps the charts and pilot books dry and usable. In addition I use one in the box I store the VHF, GPS and other electronic stuff. I have not had a clouded LCD screen or failed unit since doing so. Other small lockers also benefit as the biscuits stay crunchy and the baked beans tins do not rust!

This is an impressive product that really does make a difference.


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