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How to Get That Perfect ‘House Smell’

Written by Alex under Air Purifiers | No Comments ""

We are all aware of that familiar, homely smell that our respective houses have. No not Granddad Pete’s adverse reaction to the Sunday roast, but the comforting aroma that makes you feel ‘at home’ when you return from holiday or a long period away. Because we are so used to our own ‘house smell’ we often find that, when visiting someone else’s abode we are taken aback by the strong scent which hits us the moment we walk through the front door, whether it be pleasant or not! Some people go to great lengths to make their home smell ‘nice’, placing various types of Glade ordourizers thinly disguised as ornamental pebbles about the place.

While this better than having the place stink of rotting food stuff, or even worse, damp dog; an abundance of saccharine sweet smelling fragrances being wafted in your face every two minutes can induce equally unsettling feelings of nausea. So how can you give your pad that distinctive yet subtle sweet aroma while not going over the top and making it smell like The Perfume Shop during the January sales?

There are a number of simple procedures you can follow to achieve that fresh, neutral atmosphere, but first of all you must purge any nasty smells. If you smoke in the house, you are fighting a loosing battle, upholstery and thick carpet trap smoke particles meaning that even between cigarettes, visitors will instantly be able to identify you as a chain smoker. Fabreeze can help but the best course of action is simply to smoke outside, not only will this improve the smell inside but it means you guests won’t be forced inhale the toxic fumes.

As previously mentioned, the dreaded ‘damp dog’ syndrome can also lead to a foul stench that you may not necessarily be aware of yourself. This is most common in mutts with long and/or thick hair. Make sure they are bathed regularly and towel dry them immediately. If you are cooking a strong smelling meal like curry, ensure the extractor fan is blowing at full pelt from the outset lest your entire house will smell like a takeaway establishment.

Another easy to follow and completely free tip would be leaving windows open for intervals to allow fresh air to circulate and stagnant air to exit. Purchasing a dehumidifier, while not as ‘free’ is a very effective tactic for banishing pongs as it reduces the amount of moist air which provides a fertile breeding ground for bacteria leading to bad smells. An air purifier could be a more direct approach to banishing pongs, models with carbon filters which capture the air particles carrying the smell in question are considered to be most effective.

Having a pleasant smelling house is simple, it just requires a little effort, remember it is more important to get rid of bad smells rather than covering them up with gallons of ‘jasmine and lotus flower’ air freshener.


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