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Fan-cy Dan

Written by Duncan under Ceiling Fans, General | No Comments ""

Britain seems to be gripped by a fashion-epidemic. A concept which was once confined to clothing has now filtered down into almost every aspect of our day-to-day lives. From cheese graters to egg-poachers, design is big business and people are prepared to pay a premium for a perfectly preened precision potato peeler these days! James Dyson is one of the major players in design and engineering in the UK and singlehanded revolutionised the vacuum cleaner with his functional yet beautiful bag-less concept.

It was only a matter of time before the Dyson brand branched out into other areas. Although their washing machine was widely regarded as a flop, their range of ‘airblade’ hand-dryers installed in public conveniences have been received warmly and they have just released a range of bladeless desk fans which jump on the back of this technology. The bladeless fan is a spellbinding piece of engineering genius in the way it operates and no one can deny its aesthetic appeal, but with a price tag exceeding £200, is it really worth it!?

Desk fans and pedestal fans have been keeping homes and offices cool in Britain for years and can be picked up for a very reasonable price. For gadget geeks who gobble up every new gizmo like a gannet, this new fan may be at the top of their wish list alongside other very expensive, very cool but ultimately unnecessary products which value form as much as function. For the rest of us however a traditional desk fan does the job just fine.

One area the Dyson exceeds in is safety, if you have young children they will have absolutely no chance of injuring themselves as they edge their over-curious little digits into the central vortex. Although this is true, almost every bladed fan on the market comes with a protective metal safety cage surrounding the blades, meaning even the tiniest of pinkies couldn’t get near the blades if they wanted to.

If the new Dyson has piqued your interest, take a minute to get over it’s good looks and consider for a moment whether or not you are happy spending two-hundred big ones on something you could pick up for a tenth of the price. We seem to forget that while form and function are very important in today’s fashion conscious society, so is the dent left in your wallet, especially in the current climate!


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