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Fan-tastic Additions to Your Home

Written by Duncan under Ceiling Fans, General | No Comments ""

How many people do you know with a ceiling fan? Let me take a guess. None? The ceiling fan seems to have fallen out of favour in British households of late. The rise of interior design with its fussy skirting boards and pastel shades seems to have helped at least in some way to bring about the decline of this once widely-used utility. What do you associate with ceiling fans? Dodgy orange and brown 1970s décor?  Grubby American Motel Rooms? It’s time for a change.  The ceiling fan has undergone a rejuvenation and is now ready to claim its rightful place as a centerpiece of your home!

There are a range of ceiling fans on the market right now that not only circulate the air in your family living space, but also look great. Brushed aluminum blades sit angled on the central chrome plated electric motor, gleaming in the early morning sun. This is the ‘Modena Ceiling Fan’. A beautiful design that would compliment any lounge or kitchen area that looks like it has been subject to the attentions of Lawrence-Llewellyn-Bowen.

This new breed of over-head oxygen oscillators is a far cry from the ugly off-white plastic monstrosities that once littered lower class living rooms. The ceiling fan is about to make a comeback akin to that of David Hasselhoff and will soon be top of the home-gadget wish list along with 3D TVs and butt-massaging sofas. Other designs are available with see through blades to give your fan a stealth effect, or pine-wood air choppers to match your coffee table.

The way fans are operated has also come on leaps and bounds, instead of using a breakage prone and frankly dangerous string pull chord, most fans on the market today come with a remote giving you options on the speed of rotation while also meaning you don’t even have to get off your bespoke goose-feather couch to switch the thing on. Ceiling fans may have fallen behind the times recently, but they are about to come back for good!


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