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Its Not the Heat That’ll Kill Ya!

Written by Duncan under Dehumidifiers, General | No Comments ""

So we’ve reached that time of year again, the shorts make the annual debut as pale legs begin to appear all over the land, soon to be branded with the unmistakable crimson British tan lines! While summer as a season is widely celebrated in the media, in reality, it’s not as popular as you might think!  A recent survey revealed that there is a growing discontentment with a season that, although pleasurable when temperatures hit the early to mid-twenties, begins to become unbearable when they get any higher.   A wide sample of the British public said high temperatures in this country were just ‘too much’.

While I love being able to wear summer clothes and spend more time outside, when temperatures in Britain begin to soar everyday life does become uncomfortable. If you own a car with no air con you are drenched in sweat by the time you get home from work.  Sleeping is difficult, and it becomes a necessity to take multiple showers in a day if you don’t wish to end up smelling like stig of the dump!

Many people blame the heat, ‘it’s too hot’ is a common compliant we hear very often, but do you ever hear people moaning about the humidity? While heat is easy to gauge as we have been conditioned to notice changes in the ambient temperature, I would guess that we’re not so perceptive about how humid it is. Humidity contributes just as much to how hot it ‘feels’ as temperature does.  No need to panic though!  There are products on the market which allow you to control the humidity of your immediate environment at least.

Dehumidifiers are a great way to make your scorching summer that bit easier to deal with. While desk fans and air conditioning units can help control the temperature of the room, a dehumidifier will absorb moisture and take away an annoyance you didn’t even know was there. They available in a wide range of sizes to suit cupboards, lounges or large offices.   A simple desk fan on its own may not cut the mustard on a particularly stifling mid-summer afternoon, but if you can’t stand the humidity, trying teaming your fans up with a dehumidifier or investing in air conditioning instead.


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