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Was Iceland Volcano an Inside Insurance Job?

Written by Duncan under Air Purifiers, General | No Comments ""

The volcano under the Eyjafjallajokull glacier is apparently spewing out far less ash, but a change of wind direction means the island’s main airports are set to close for the first time.  It remains active and has been throwing magma chunks the size of cars into the air with some lava flow and Earth tremors.

Huge ash clouds from the volcano last week lead to many people rushing to buy air purifiers to make sure that none of the particulate matter would drift across their own atmospheres. Air purifiers available do include units that remove airborne particles with filters, incinerate pollutants with high temperatures, wash the air with water and sterilise the air with plasma, ozone or UV light. As well as the filtration process, some air purifiers have a built in ioniser which adds negative ions to the air replacing those which have been destroyed by pollution and electronic equipment. Adding negative ions makes the air feel fresh and clean irrespective of what Eyjafjallajokull does.  Speaking of which, Icelandic seismologists reckon these tremors indicate a build up of lava within the crater and since Eyjafjallajokull has reached about 80% of its intensity, the earth tremors could cause an even larger eruption at a neighbouring crater.

Here’s our (less than serious) take on the eruption though.  The 2008–2010-Ongoing Icelandic financial crisis involved the collapse of all three of the country’s major banks following their difficulties in refinancing their short-term debt.  Relative to the size of its economy, Iceland’s banking collapse was the largest suffered by any country in economic history!  They went bust big time basically!

As a result of the crisis, Iceland is in the grip of a severe economic recession.  They reckon the financial meltdown has cost 75% of the country’s GDP.  What would any desperate business do in that situation?  Pull an insurance job!  Sudden fire wipes out premises and stock, company is bereft, but collects insurance. Iceland has done the same – set fire to the entire country!  Get your air purifier ready, as there are more particulates to come and watch out for those hikes in your premiums once that claim goes through!


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