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Weather Wizards of OZ?

Written by Duncan under General, Weather Stations | No Comments ""

Weather forecasters. The popular conception often seems to be that they may have more gadgets and gizmos, but seemingly today’s weathermen can’t tell us much more than the Shaman in the headdress holding two sticks and throwing chicken entrails at the clouds.  After all, even with global warming and all that, how hard can it be to get it right?

This is the UK.  You can be pretty sure there will be no bush fires, earthquakes or tsunamis.  Really there’s a 50/50 chance that it will rain or it won’t rain. Aren’t they just making it all up as they go along, like we would if we found ourselves addressing the nation live on TV in front of a giant map that you can’t actually see?  Just like Dorothy, we suspect that behind the curtains, the omnipotent Wizard of Oz is really just a little bloke desperately  pedalling away on some Heath Robinson affair shouting: “Warm front coming in from the continent!” through a cheap megaphone.  We don’t trust weather forecasts any more!

Apparently uncaring about the wash-out “Barbecue Summer” prediction of the Met Office last time round, another weather organisation, Positive Weather Solutions (PWS) is saying that summer 2010 is likely to be the warmest one ever with stifling temperatures. Even the Met Office has flipped the coin which has come up heads again and said that it really, really, really will be a “Barbecue Summer” this time thanks to a strong El Nino, which always heats things up.  Of course, if the El Nino does not materialise or turns out to be weak, PWS and the Met Office will be left with egg on their faces again and the sceptics will have a field day.

If you count yourself in that legion of sceptics or if you prefer a more localised forecast and aren’t really bothered (given your south of England location) if the road from Cockbridge to Tomintoul is under eight feet of snow again, then you should invest in a weather station.  These handy and high-tech devices will provide a wealth of accurate and empirical information on outdoor and indoor conditions where you live.   Weather stations and instruments can range from simple analogue thermometers to advanced digital weather forecasting devices.  You can get stylish, easy to read and understand weather stations that have left the humble barometer far behind.  They will display the current air pressure as well as humidity and temperature and use icons to indicate likely weather conditions.  Great as your own Met Centre, a fascinating educational tool for the kids, and a rather fetching ornamental addition to the home.


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