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Getting the Right Humidifier For The Nursery

Written by Duncan under General, Humidifiers | 1 Comment ""

Part of the thrill of becoming a parent for the first time is the preparation of the baby’s room.  That’s when new dads, no matter how ham fisted, are expected to master gloss and emulsion painting  and the art of wallpapering by trying to match up patterns of cartoon characters without consuming  half the roll in the process.  Buying the right cot and the seemingly endless list of “must have” accessories like storage units, nappy changing stuff and linen and bedding  takes time and money, but planning and buying all this is part of the anticipatory excitement of waiting for your new arrival.

A humidifier is an accessory that may not be quite so high on the list of essentials for the nursery, but it could be one of the best things you can buy to assure a healthy and happy baby as well as hopefully peaceful nights for all concerned!

Dry air often causes babies to develop breathing problems, swollen sinuses, and respiratory infections. Humidifiers in the nursery will help prevent those symptoms and can also protect your baby from allergies and drying of the skin, both of which are common in winter.

So what is the best humidifier to get for the baby’s room?  Some paediatricians prefer cool mist humidifiers as they do not have a heating element which could accidentally hurt an inquisitive and active toddler, but generally the only type of humidifier recommended for a nursery is a steam humidifier.

Other mist types may put dust into the air which is carried in the water.  In addition, if the unit is not maintained properly there’s a risk of putting stagnant water into the air and spreading any bacteria or germs it might contain.  A steam system ensures that the moisture released is totally hygienic.

When it comes to humidity levels, anywhere between 40% – 60% is recommended for a house or an office. A humidity of 40% is also the electrostatic threshold.  Anything below  40% and there’s not enough humidity in the air to dissipate electric charge, so static can build up.

For the nursery, you should aim for a relative humidity (RH)  level of between 50%-60%.  You should also look for humidifiers that are not too noisy when they operate as this could disturb the baby’s sleep.

Probably the best all round solution we’d suggest for the nursery would be the Turmix AX200 Steam Humidifier.  It’s a simple but reliable design and is completely silent in operation.  You just pour water into the top of the unit (you can use distilled or even bottled water rather than tap water) and plug it in. The solid element gently warms the water to release steam and raise the humidity in the room and if the tank becomes empty, the unit automatically turns itself off. There’s also a safety overheat feature which will turn the Turmix AX200 off should the unit overheat for any reason. The water tank will hold up to 3.8 litres of water and a special receptacle in the top allows decongestants to be gently heated and evaporated into the atmosphere as well.


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