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Air Purifiers for Cigar Smoking Celebs

Written by Alex under Air Purifiers, General, Humidifiers | 1 Comment ""

The Cigar.  It’s the staple export of Cuba, the image associated with the “fat cat banker” and the traditional gift for new fathers.  Smoking is bad for you, so stop OK!  Cigars especially, no matter how much you may enjoy them, do leave a stink.  However, if like Mark Twain (nee Samuel Clemens) you do enjoy a good cigar (he smoked 22 a day) you might want to give yourself, your furniture and fabrics and your nearest and dearest a break by getting an air purifier too!  So, we’ve decided to compile a list of the most notable cigar smokers for whom an air purifier would be the ideal gift.  Many on the list are obvious, some less so.  If you disagree or want to make your own suggestions, please feel free!

Top 10 Prominent Possible Air Purifier Puffers

  1. WINSTON CHURCHILL:  the man for whom the imposing Churchill cigar size was named smoked around 10 a day.  He even had a special oxygen mask made that allowed him to smoke in a non-pressurised aircraft cabin.
  2. GROUCHO MARX: his third wife, Eden, objected to his “stinky old cigar” and ordered him to put it out or get a new wife.  Guess what he did?
  3. BILL CLINTON: the 42nd president has been known to chew cigars on the golf course and smoke them on overseas trips, but is notorious for a far more intimate employment of the rolled tobacco leaf.
  4. DEMI MOORE: partial to small cigars, such as the Montecristo Joyita, but also enjoys a Cohiba No. 2 or a Montecristo No. 2. We suggest a PL3000 HEPA Air Purifier with Remote Control that will neutralise airborne particles and odours.
  5. SIGMUND FREUD: the father of psychoanalysis saw phallic symbols everywhere, but even he conceded that “sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.” The HM685 Five Stage Plasma Air Purifier is a handy tower shape that should resemble a phallus enough for any Freudian.
  6. WHOOPI GOLDBERG: Oscar nominated, stand-up comic and talk show host who prefers small cigars, but has been known to suck on a big Cohiba now and then.
  7. ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER:  the “govenator” was introduced to the Cuban tubes by Sargent Shriver, the father of his wife Maria, shortly after Schwarzenegger and Maria met in 1977.  The AP281 HEPA Air Purifier & Ioniser should be ideal.  It’s simple and easy to use.
  8. MICHAEL DOUGLAS: a proclivity for playing flawed heroes and antiheroes as well as Welsh women (43) almost two-thirds his age (66) and smoking Montecristo No. 2′s on the golf course. The Air-O-Swiss Combi – Air Purifier & Humidifier will clear the room and keep the wrinkles at bay.
  9. DITA VON TEESE: born Heather Renée Sweet, Von Teese began her career in a local strip club when she was 18.  She’s famed for her vintage-inspired outfits that reflect 1940s cinema and classic retro style as well as the odd cigar.  The P80 Airfree Air Purifier is not only the world’s most endorsed air purifier, it’s also got that nice rounded Art Deco Retro shape about it.
  10. SIR JAMES WILSON VINCENT SAVILE, OBE, KCSG: Jimmy Savile to the rest of us.   Ex-semi-pro wrestler, host of Jim’ll Fix it, Top of the Pops and work for charity mixed with his trademark cigars – “ow’s about that then?”


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