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Humidifiers to Boost Winter Games Team

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Air-O-Swiss will be supporting Swiss athletes at the upcoming 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver, Canada.  The edge that the already competitive Swiss will have?  Each athlete will receive an Air-O-Swiss 7146 Ultrasonic Travel Humidifier.  With less than a month to go until the jamboree  gets under way in the early February 2010, preparation work is already well underway  for the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games  at Whistler Creekside, The Whistler Sliding Centre, Whistler Olympic Park/Whistler Paralympic Park, and Cypress Mountain.

Swiss Ski Jumpers will have a humidifier edgeAir-O-Swiss is supporting the Swiss Winter Olympics Team

Years of planning, state-of-the-art snow making equipment, a fleet of snow grooming machines, dedicated mountain operations staff, the best “ice meisters”  and snow makers in the business, and advanced weather tracking technology  should ensure an excellent games.  Large amounts of natural snow have been mixed with artificial snow to make a firm base that is perfect for racing. Both competition courses at Whistler Creekside and at Whistler Olympic Park look to be in great shape.

vancouver olympic games ice logowinter olympics speed skating

Thanks to the donation of the Air-O-Swiss equipment, the Swiss team will probably be in equally great shape.  The 7146 Ultrasonic Travel Humidifier is lightweight and compact enough to fit into the athletes’ hand luggage.  All they need to do is add a bottle of clean, still water to enjoy the benefits of humidified air in a dry hotel room or ski chalet.   Low energy ultrasonic vibrations generate a micro-fine mist, which is blown into the room where it quickly evaporates. The variable mist output control allows you to select the amount of mist produced.  Even if it’s freezing outside with lots of snow, using this system none of the Swiss team will experience dry air symptoms like a stuffy nose, mouth drying out and dry skin.

The travel humidifier the Swiss will use in their chalets


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