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Tenants: Do You Have the Right to Request a Dehumidifier to Combat Mold?

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The UK is a funny old place, certainly in the view of many Europeans for whom the idea of getting a mortgage (literally meaning “Dead Hand”) seems ridiculous.  In their view a home is a place to live, not an investment.  The British economy has always been driven by the housing market’s ups and downs, although some say it doesn’t so much drive as reflect the state of the economy.   In the credit crunch, buyers must set aside substantial sums to put behind their purchase as a deposit, often because of the reluctance of many increasingly risk-averse lenders to advance more than 70% Loan to Value. And unless your credit file is squeaky clean, there’s no way you’ll get a mortgage from the High Street lenders, for the next couple of years at least.

That’s why more people are looking to rent a property and more potential purchasers are seeking the still relatively easy to get buy to let mortgages to rent out property. In truth, there are many advantages to renting.  There’s more rental stock available and monthly rentals, even for larger properties, are not much more than the equivalent mortgage would be (if you could get one!). And of course, from a tenant’s point of view, maintenance is someone else’s responsibility.

That responsibility falls on the landlord or the managing agent, and often with older properties one issue that constantly crops up is the question of mold.  Tenants can request a mold inspection particularly if there appears to be health implications.  Even if the room or property has no visible signs of mold, it could be that there’s a damp basement or if it’s a block of flats it may be other properties affecting the rest. Landlords have a duty to maintain rental properties at a certain standard and if a landlord does not fix the problem, the tenant has the right to withhold rent and pay for the work to be carried out while still withholding rental payments.

mold can be a curse for tennant and landlorda dehumidifier will prevent mold problems

Installing a dehumidifier will avoid this issue completely. The ideal humidity for most normal situations is reckoned to lie between 40%-60% relative humidity. If an instrument called a  thermohygrometer reads above this you may need a dehumidifier to reduce the level of humidity in the air and so restrict mould and mildew growth as well as dust mites.  This simple measure will prevent damage to the fabric of the building and furnishings a well as avoiding various adverse healths affects and reassure tenants into the bargain.


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