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Mariah Carey’s Diva Demands Include 20 Humidifiers for her Vocal Cords

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Mariah Carey, the multi-Grammy-award-winning singer, is famous for her outrageous demands.  The latest request was for 20 white kittens and 100 white doves to accompany her when she was invited to turn on the Christmas lights at the Westfield Shopping Centre in London recently.

mc on stageMariah waving on the lights at Westfield Shopping Centre

Extravagance is nothing new for the starlet.  Back home at the Carey residence, Mariah gets steamy in the bedroom.  Nothing to do with her sex life we hasten to add.  It’s the 20 humidifiers she maintains around her bed ostensibly to preserve her vocal cords.  She insists on maintaining rainforest levels of humidity and effectively sleeps in a steam room. The bed is all towelling cloth, the ceiling is sloped so the water can’t fall on her head, and her boudoir TV is behind glass.

Back at Westfield, good old Health and Safety went along with the doves bit (they were going to be released into the sky) but the kittens were another matter entirely because “no pets are allowed in Westfield”.  Carey had already issued an extravagant list of demands including butterfly-shaped confetti, a pink (not a red) carpet, 80 security guards, a Rolls Royce to drive her through the shopping centre and a wand to ‘wave’ (not switch) on the mall’s Christmas lights. Incredibly, all of these demands were met!

Her reputation for being one of the world’s most demanding pop divas is legend.  Her “riders” have included requests for a £1,000 throne and a £50,000 antique chair (flown from New York to London) to sit at while she signed autographs in Selfridges in 2008. She’s not alone though.  Several pop stars have outlandish “rider” demands.  Guns N’ Roses insist on an assortment of adult magazines (i.e. Penthouse, Playboy, etc.) while Cher requires an entire separate dressing room just for her wigs.   The Rolling Stones always insisted on having two smartly dressed, well groomed hostesses, but it’s Iggy Pop who must take the biscuit with his 18 pages of perplexing, meticulously detailed requests, such as no toy robots, television evangelists, plastic seahorses, bailiwicks, crepuscules (sic) or kooks, that has left venues around the world scrabbling for the dictionary and the nearest psychoanalyst.

Iggy at Glastohumidifiers are good for the cords

To our knowledge though, none of the above (aside from Mariah)  insist on humidifiers or dehumidifiers, even though they clearly do have some benefits for the vocal chords and medical experts recommend a relative air humidity of between 40% and 60% to ensure a room is ideally humidified. Even if you’re not a vocalist, getting a humidifier might be a good idea as low moisture content in room air will cause musical instruments to go out of tune, but then there are several acts  (Status Quo maybe?)  who probably wouldn’t notice that anyway!


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