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Review of Secco Dehumidifier by Rik Prowen

Written by Duncan under Dehumidifier Reviews | No Comments ""

secco-dehumidifierI think the Secco 12 litre dehumidifier is excellent in my utility room where I use it for drying laundry. It’s quiet for a refrigerant dehumidifier, its low profile means it can sit on the worktop under a wall unit whereas others are too tall to fit in that space, the fan is powerful so circulates air well in the room, it seems to be more effective than other dehumidifiers I’ve used because it extracts more moisture than others that have been rated with higher extraction, it has set points down to 35% which is great for drying washing quickly (others go down to just 40%RH) and can run continuously, the removal of the water storage tank from the front is much more convenient than those where the tank is at the back and it provides copious amounts of distilled water for ironing or can be run into the sink if you don’t want to keep the water.


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