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Review of SeccoMust Dehumidifier by Tracey Thompson

Written by Duncan under Dehumidifier Reviews | No Comments ""

Over the last year I have been using a Seccomust Digital dehumidifier to remove moisture from my main living area.

We recently extended our house and installed an oak floor in the new open plan area, some 48m square.  We found within a month or so, that the floor was expanding due to moisture and that the oak boards were ‘cupping’ which was very disappointing.

We were recommended by the ‘Air and Water Centre’ to purchase a dehumidifier in order to remove any excess moisture originating from the new plaster walls and because we have our kitchen in this area which is also a source of moisture.

I am extremely pleased with the results, as the floor boards have now shrunk back to their original shape.

The dehumidifier has performed very well, removing at least 10 litres of moisture, or a full tank every few days. I like the fact that it has a big tank and has automatic set-point controls to regulate operation. It also expels warm air which acts as a small heater and keeps that whole are quite warm.

I would have no hesitation in recommending this dehumidifier.


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