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Review of Ruby Dry Dehumidifier by Duncan Buxton

Written by Duncan under Dehumidifier Reviews | No Comments ""

I’ve been running a Ruby Dry dehumidifier in the same room as a supposedly larger capacity “20 litre per day” dehum and the Ruby wins hands down. Even the though Ruby is supposed to only take out 6 litres per day it’s always got more water in its tank than the other one when they’ve been running for the same time.

When you look at the small print for most dehumidifiers the outputs they claim aren’t real as they are tested at high temperatures and humidities. When they are used in actual life they don’t remove anything like what they claim.

The Ruby works so well as it doesn’t matter whether its used in a cold or a hot room.  It also gives off a bit of heat which helps in my cold spare room too.

Excellent dehum. Thoroughly recommend.

Oh.. and it’s light too. Easy to move around.


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