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Superdry – 5x more effective than Silca Gel

Written by Duncan under Desiccant | 1 Comment ""

A new moisture absorbing desiccant called Superdry is now available in the UK that absorbs 200% its own weight in moisture, keeping homes, cars, garages, caravans and motor homes mould and damp free.

Superdry is available in packs containing an individual 1kg sachet and five 100g sachets. The 1kg sachet will protect areas up to 10m3 and the 100g sachets are ideal for use in cupboards, lockers, drawers and other areas up to 1m3.

As the product does not require a power supply it is ideal for use in enclosed areas where it is not possible to constantly use an electric dehumidifier. Each of the sachets in the pack are individually wrapped and once exposed to the atmosphere will last for up to eight weeks.

Unlike other moisture absorbers that contain silica gel, Superdry is made from calcium chloride, which makes it five times as powerful as other popular desiccants on the market. Also, Superdry is a food-grade material with none of the adverse carcinogenic effects associated with the active ingredient that is incorporated in silica gel.

The outer bag of the Superdry sachet is made of a spun-bound Tyvek material that only allows water to travel one way through it. As the desiccant inside the sachet also turns into a gel during the absorption process, Superdry is 100% guaranteed leak-free. The collected moisture is locked inside and can’t escape making Superdry very easy to handle and store. This is in contrast to other moisture absorbers that collect water in a plastic box under the desiccant that could potentially leak out or be spilt.

Superdry was initially developed to protect valuable cargo at sea from moisture damage, whilst being transported in forty foot shipping containers. It’s widely used to protect a variety of cargos including Rolls Royce automobiles, Del Monte foods and IKEA furniture. This is the first time this advanced desiccant product has been available in packs for use in smaller domestic applications.


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