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Review of 7146 Travel Humidifier by Rik Prowen – Have humidifier, will travel

Written by Duncan under Humidifier Reviews | No Comments ""

travel-hum-1Anyone who skis will recognise this – loads of fun during the day; loads of fun après ski; chalet bedroom too dry in the evening. The result is a stuffy nose, drinking lots of water to stop your mouth drying out (I suppose that could be the alcohol, too), and dry skin.  Not any more…I took the Air-O-Swiss Travel Humidifier with me to the excellent Du Pré Chalet in Morzine this week (see, and it works a treat.

It’s compact so fits in your luggage, comes with a full range of plug adaptors, looks good and comes with a carrying bag to keep all the bits travel-hum-2together. 

This unit’s compact because you supply your own water reservoir in the form of a mineral water bottle – the humidifier’s supplied with an adaptor to fit standard bottles.

And it really makes a difference. It’s been freezing outside all week with lots of snow but, with the humidifier running in my room, I’m getting none of the dry air symptoms. 

I wish I’d got a bigger bottle though, as I have to refill it three or four times a day.  This humidifier is definitely coming with me when I travel – lots of hotels are dry even when they’re not in the


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