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Review of Diva Base weather station by Daphne Buxton

Written by Duncan under Weather Station Reviews | 1 Comment ""

Easy to read instructions and set up.

Works anywhere in the house and using outdoor transmitter gives us an accurate reading of greenhouse temperature all day at a glance.

It has very accurate forecasting.

Gives us a calendar and perfect time of day and constant humidity reading.

We love it and utilize it every day. What did we do without it???

The only negative side is that the outdoor transmitter needs to be sheltered from the elements.


One Response to “Review of Diva Base weather station by Daphne Buxton”

  1. Mr Holmes says:

    The weather station itself is a brilliant bit of kit and the batteries last months, additional transmitters are a very usefull addition to, however they are hard on the batteries and need replacing within weeks..BIG DOWNSIDE = once the batteries are removed from the transmitters,the weather station has to be reset via removal of it’s batteries and everything has to be set up once again(time,date,lcd level etc), quite a pain synchronising 2 transmitters and adjusting the settings on the weather station every few weeks

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