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The Benefits of Air Curtains

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Air Curtains for Retail

Using air curtains above shop doors can increase passing trade by as much as 40% by allowing the door to remain retail-air-curtaininvitingly open.

An open door is an invitation for anyone walking past to come in. But in winter months, this can cause shops to be very cold, especially for anyone working or browsing near the entrance. This reduces the time the customer browses in a store and is also uncomfortable for staff going about their work in a cold environment.

Installing an air curtain inside an external door creates a barrier of air that keeps cold air out and warm air in, even with the door invitingly open. The internal temperature within the shop can be kept at an optimum level whilst also presenting an inviting appearance to a shop front. This not only maximises passing trade but improves staff and customer comfort making a store a nicer place to shop and work.

An air curtains also act as an additional heat source and in small shops can act as the only heat source required.

By reducing the amount of heated air that escapes from a doorway, energy consumption is reduced along with heating bills. Reducing climate control costs is also an advantage of using air curtains in the summer.  Air conditioned air costs more to produce and maintain than heated air. By using an air curtain without the heater turned on in the summer, air conditioned air is prevented from escaping and the warm air from entering.

Air Curtains for Offices

The reception area of a busy office can be a very cold and draughty place if the door is in constant use. This causes discomfort to staff and does not present a good impression for visitors and clients when they enter a premises. By office-air-curtaininstalling an air curtain the internal temperature is maintained, improving working conditions for staff and the first impression visitors receive as they enter.

Energy costs can also be reduced as the air conditioned or heated air is not allowed to escape from the building.

Many offices have revolving doors to try to maintain the internal temperature. However, these doors can act like slow moving fans, dragging in cold air from outside with every rotation. Curved air curtains are available that are mounted around the circular entrance to the door keeping out the cold air.

Air Curtains for Industrial areas

The doors on industrial buildings are often open for long periods of time and can be extremely wide, in the case of warehouse doors. With people and delivery vehicles needing access, closing these doors to maintain the internal industrial-air-curtainatmosphere is impractical. An industrial air curtain mounted above or to the side of these entrances will create a more comfortable and safer working environment.

For areas that are temperature controlled, air curtains act as an invisible barrier sealing in the chilled or heated air, providing unhindered access for staff and removing the inconvenience of fast-acting shutter doors or plastic slats.

Air Curtains for Cold Stores

Air curtains above the doorway of a freezer or chill store will create a wall of ambient air that seals the internal and external atmospheres. This maintains the inside temperature without the need for plastic slats or fast acting roller doors, while also offering unhindered visibility and access to forklift drivers.

cold-store-air-curtainCold stores which use fast acting doors or slats will have cold spots outside the entrance whenever the door is used. Also, warm air that enters the refrigerated area during these times can cause condensation and icing near to the doorway. Using an air curtain will prevent these problems as the doorway is continually sealed, even during use.

Fast acting doors need frequent maintenance and are damaged easily. Plastic slat curtains, although transparent when new, rapidly become opaque and greasy with use. Both these problems can also be avoided by using air curtains.

Air curtains for Insect & Pest Control

An air curtain supplying a constant barrier of air across a door opening will stop flies and flying insects from entering a building. This is a very important for bars, restaurants, food manufacturing and food service premises, where strict environmental health regulations apply.

As well as being an extremely beneficial side effect of an air curtain that is primarily employed for climate control, units are also installed for this reason alone.

The air curtain can be mounted on the outside or inside of the doorway. When the building contains smells which attract flying insects it is recommended that the air curtain is mounted on the outside so that odourless air is used to create the barrier.

As well as flying insects, air curtains also discourage rodents from entering a building. Research has shown that mice, rats and other furry vermin do not like the feeling an air curtain creates on their fur and will avoid it.


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    I have a frontage of 6 feet height and 8 feet width.
    I do not have space to fit air curtain on the top. I want them side-ways. vertically.

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