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Ceiling Fans – a buyer’s guide

Written by Duncan under Ceiling Fans | No Comments ""

A brief review of ceiling fans and some tips on what to look for when buying a ceiling fan:

Ceiling Fans – convenient, economical cooling
Ceiling fans are an ideal alternative to installing air conditioning as the energy consumption is a fraction of the cost. By improving the air circulation in a room and providing a direct breeze you create a “wind chill” effect making you feel a lot cooler.

Unlike desk or pedestal fans, a ceiling fan is mounted out of the way and doesn’t have any cables to trip over. Modern ceiling fans also provide an attractive addition to a room and can incorporate lighting so are multi-functional.

As the UK climate is only really hot for a few weeks in the summer, the powerful cooling provided by refrigerant-based air conditioning is very rarely required. A ceiling fan is a much more versatile climate control method, which can prove useful all year round.

For the summer & winter
Although ceiling fans are normally installed for providing cooling during summer months, they aren’t redundant in the winter time. Most ceiling fans have reversible motors so that the blades are spun backwards pushing air up to the ceiling. This forces warm air that gathers in the upper part of a room to mix with the cooler lower air in the room, thus improving the overall temperature and removing hot spots at the ceiling.

Ceiling fan features
When buying a ceiling fan here are some features to consider:

Number of blades
Length of blades
Light or no light – if you want a light, do you go for spotlights, single bulb or multiple lampshades?
Control - do you want remote control, wall switch control or pull cord control?
Reversible blade action
Drop rod length – how high are your ceilings and how low will the fan blades be?
Noise – if it’s for a bedroom or living area it needs to be quiet


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