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Thought dehumidifiers were just for drying out rooms? Think again!

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If you thought dehumidifiers were great for drying out damp rooms and not much else, it’s time to think again. We’ve created this fabulously informative video to showcase just one of the other uses for a dehumidifier: drying out herbs.

Here at the Air & Water Centre, we’re all about saving you time and money by providing you with the equipment you need to improve the quality of your surroundings at a reasonable price. What better way to get the most from your dehumidifier than set it on a multi-tasking quest, and get it drying out your herbs at the same time as drying out your damp room!

Whatever herb-drying emergency you may face, your dehumidifier can help. Soggy sage? Moist mint? Turn that frown upside down, hang your herbs up at the back of your dehumidifier, and voila: in a matter of hours, your herbs will be dry as a bone. Perfect for adding to any culinary delights you may have in the pipeline over the coming weeks.

Intrigued? You should be. Find out more about the herb drying magic of dehumidifiers in the video below.

NB: Keep an eye out for the faulty tripod…

Video transcript


“You all probably know dehumidifiers are great for drying out rooms with damp problems. What you might not know is that they are the fastest way to dry out herbs without using excessive heat that can cause a loss of nutrients and a loss of flavour.

“We’ve got a dehumidifier here; we’ve got some parsley, some coriander, some mint and some sage.

“What we’re going to do is turn this dehumidifier around so the exhaust is at the back here. We pull in moist air at the front and pump out very dry air at the back so it’s perfect for drying out these herbs. We’re going to turn this on and show you how quickly we can dry out these herbs.”

(Some time, and a tripod accident later…)

“Right, so there you have it. This dehumidifier has dried out the herbs nicely in a matter of hours, as opposed to a matter of weeks that the traditional ‘hanging up’ method takes. You can see here that our mint, which is actually one of the more moist herbs, is nicely dry. I’ll break it into this bowl here… and you can see there… really nice and dry, maintained all its natural oils because it’s been heated very gently and it’s bone dry. It smells fantastic.

“There you go. This dehumidifier that we used actually costs only about 3p an hour to run and is available, along with a whole range more, at”


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