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Give Your Garden Some Love This Spring

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Should you be unfortunate enough to have to spend time at home during a weekday recently you’ll no doubt have seen what passes for quality programming; home buying shows which are a decade out of date and couples rapidly approaching either graduation or their dotage buying up the stock of a junk shop in hope of flogging it on to other equally misguided collectors for a profit.

Turn Your Outdoor Room Back Into A Garden

Broken Decking

The superannuated home improvement and garden shows remind us how keen we were to make our gardens into an ‘outside room’ with lighting and decking. We slipped over on it when it got wet, ruined it in a hundred other ways and by now I expect most of it has all been pulled up again and used for something useful, like firewood or a frame for a raised bed.

The thing with a garden is that it should be flexible, trends change every year so tying yourself to a patio or decking is something you should consider very carefully as there’s a good chance you’ll want to tear it up again in a relatively short space of time compared to other household modifications. One year you might want to grow a lot of flowers, the next to try your hand at growing fruit and vegetables, the year after you might just want a lawn. Permanent fixtures just aren’t compatible with what most people want from their gardens in the long term.

Planning And Planting

Steamer Chair

As with anything good planning is key to a good garden, finding yourself in a nursery with an empty cart and no real idea about what you need is a really inauspicious beginning! Draw a plan of how you want your garden to look, it doesn’t matter if you draw like Picasso, you just need to have a plan showing the shapes you want to introduce into your garden and the kind of height of plants that you need.

Remember to plan where is going to get most sun, where most shade, take a soil sample to see if you have acid, alkali, clay or loamy soil and buy plants appropriate to where they are going to be used. And think about what you want from your garden, do you want a sun trap or to be obscured from the street or your neighbours? Will you be using it to entertain kids or adults? Would you like it to attract wild life or are you bothered by cats doing their business on your lawn?

Garden furniture is something to be considered too, if you’re still keen on using your garden as a living space rather than a growing space for vegetables or simply somewhere to catch a tan in the summer months you may want to consider patio furniture, even if you have ripped your patio up! A patio heater will make al fresco dining a pleasure well into the night while steamer chairs make a luxurious alternative to patio chairs or sun loungers.


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