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Review of Nexus weather station by Mark Alldridge

Written by Duncan under Weather Station Reviews | No Comments ""

I’ve had this unit for several months now and I am really very impressed with it.

This is my first foray into weather data collection and I searched long and hard to find a suitable unit. I wanted something semi-professional but that didn’t cost a small fortune.

After comparing lots of systems, I plumped for this German built unit. It hasn’t let me down and I am now completely hooked!

You get: One base unit, one outdoor sensor (temperature and humidity), one rainfall sensor and one anemometer (wind sensor).

The first base unit I received did have a small issue with one of the LCD display bars (it wasn’t working) – but my replacement unit is perfect.

Since then, I have been receiving and logging data continuously. Once a week, I connect the unit to my PC (via the supplied USB cable) and upload all the data I have received.

The system comes with a copy of ‘WeatherView’ which is some software for logging and displaying the various data types. It’s dead easy to use and you can view graphs and various displays of all the information you have received. The actual underlying files can be opened by Excel too.

But what I really love about this unit is it’s fantastic flexibility. For example, all the ‘units’ for the measurements can be displayed in multiple ways; mph/kph/ms/knots for wind speed, inches/mm for rainfall, Millibars/inches for pressure etc etc.

You can display the clock in 12 hr/24hr, you can have time and date displayed, time and seconds, time and day, time and city or just the month and day!

You can set alarms for certain wind speeds, alarms for specific rain fall, alarms for temperature etc. You can also have a weekly repeating alarm, a ‘one time only’ alarm and a ‘pre alarm’ for low temperatures!

The system displays the current moon phase and you can manually scroll forward or backward through time to see what the phase is/was on any given day.

The system will display the current sunset time and sunrise time for your location. You can either choose from the dozens of pre-set city locations or you can manually enter your precise longitude and latitude location. Excellent stuff! Again, you can scroll forward or backwards through time and see the sunset/sunrise times update accordingly. A nice touch.

It’s really well thought out and seems to have been designed by intelligent people!

You can have up to five external temperature/humidity sensors (therefore, you could buy an additional four). All details are received and logged and you can view them through different channels on the base unit.

Data logging (within the base unit) can be set to every 5 minutes to every 24hrs.

The unit sits on my bedside table and is my alarm clock (complete with manually configurable snooze duration). It has a gorgeous backlight which you can manually turn on or you can set it to come on automatically when light levels in the room drop.

I love checking my Nexus just before going to bed – seeing what the weather is doing outside and also seeing what the unit predicts the weather will be in 12/24 hours time. It’s a brilliant bit of kit.


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