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As The Summer Draws Nearer So Does The Hay Fever

Written by Alex under Air Conditioners, Air Purifiers, General, Humidifiers | No Comments ""

Hay fever is a common allergic reaction to airborne pollen which affects around twenty percent of the population at one point or another in their lives; some people grow out of it while other people can become allergic later in life. However, most people who suffer from hay fever say that their symptoms become less severe as they get older. Around 10 to 20% say that their symptoms disappeared completely.

As spring approaches it’s worth knowing a thing or two about hay fever and how to prevent the worst of the allergy so that you can have a little more fun in the warmer months of the year. People’s allergy comes from the proteins that are contained in the pollen, these trick the body’s immune system into thinking it is under attack and trigger histamine release, this makes the body react by trying to expel the foreign matter, hence the streaming eyes and sneezing. However, because the reaction is disproportionate to the threat the symptoms are extreme.

How Do You Treat An Attack?

Of course it is possible to buy over the counter anti histamines which suppress this extreme reaction meaning that you can get through the spring and summer without coughing and sneezing but other treatments are also available, some of which can be quite unusual.

Depending on your allergies you could find that you’re hay fever flares up in spring, autumn or winter. Or indeed a combination that could encompass all three seasons. Tree pollen is released into the air in spring, grass pollen is sent out in summer while weed and agricultural pollen can be released at any time from early spring to late autumn.

While there is no actual cure, it is possible to treat the symptoms of hay fever. One of the best treatments would be to avoid pollen all together. While it’s not practical for all hay fever sufferers to move to the seaside a summer holiday on the coast is rarely interrupted by allergy attacks.

Do Folk Remedies Work?

Some other methods of easing the reaction where antihistamines aren’t available can seem quite bizarre although they have a reasonable origin. Eating locally produced honey every day for a few weeks before your symptoms usually flare up means that you will be exposed to the proteins which cause the allergy: the theory is that you build up an immunity so when you’re exposed to the airborne pollen your reaction isn’t nearly so bad.

Old wives tales and folk remedies include washing your face with cold water removes pollen from the skin and eyelashes while the coolness of the water soothes the reaction. Also, irrigating the sinuses is found to be a great relief, take a few drops of cool water in a teaspoon and sniff it up your nose!

To get relief indoors you’ll want to keep all of your doors and windows shut as much as possible, which isn’t much fun in the height of a glorious summer! An air conditioner will help keep your home cool and pollen free but they tend to dry the air, which in itself is a trigger for dry, sore throats and eyes. Instead you might like to try a humidifier instead. These devices put moisture into the air which clings to the pollen and dust making it too heavy to float freely and therefore making it sink to the floor. Not only that but the moister air helps prevent dehydration not only in people, pets and plants but the actual structure of home and furnishings as well.


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