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Basic Maintenance For Your Dehumidifier

Written by Alex under Air Purifiers, Dehumidifiers, General | No Comments ""

The end of winter is a kind of hinterland for humidifiers and other devices designed to improve air quality in the home. The heating’s not on so regularly, you’ve got the opportunity to throw the windows open without having to worry about pollen and your pets can spend much more time outdoors.

Considering your appliances are going to be now that the cold weather’s almost over now is the best time to undertake some basic maintenance. Provided your equipment’s in good working order already then tinkering with it shouldn’t be a major job, and any serious faults should be repaired by a qualified engineer but there are a few basics that you can do yourself to keep your machinery running smoothly and efficiently.

When it comes to dehumidifiers there isn’t much that it’s necessary for the operator to undertake, changing the filters once a year, if your model has any, is about all that’s required. Most other advice is operational:

Empty and clean the reservoir regularly. You need to empty the water that collects on the condenser coils but you should also be cleaning them regularly too. Because the water will also contain many particulates the reservoir can quickly become scummy, which, in turn, can become a perfect environment for bacteria.

Don’t set your dehumidifier too high, this will result in uncomfortably dry air which can lead to damage to woodwork and furniture if the wood begins to warp due to the low humidity. A little humidity helps to suppress airborne dust and static electricity too.

When the dehumidifier is running it may be necessary to check for frost and ice build-up on the condenser coils. If the room where you’re running the dehumidifier becomes too cold it can lead to ice forming on the coils which will interfere with the machine’s operation. If you are having trouble with frosting up, simply adjust the humidistat and try to ensure that the room you are keeping dryer is kept slightly warmer, is at all possible.


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