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How To Have A Hot Date On A Cold Night

Written by Alex under General, Heaters | No Comments ""

So it’s one week before Valentine’s Day and it’s also the coldest week of the winter so far. It tricks me every year, the hype and marketing of Valentines Day always makes me for get that the day isn’t in spring, although you’d be forgiven for thinking it was given all the flowers and other snuggle themes, it’s in February. The coldest month of the year.

It would be nice to think that flowers were all in bud, lambs were gambolling about the countryside and lovers were taking picnics up hill and down dale, frolicking in woodland and punting about on the water. Unfortunately nothing could be further from the truth, there’s not much chance for a delicate little bit of over exposure and romantic misunderstandings when you’re more likely to suffer the effects of exposure!

So, if it’s not raining or worse yet snowing on the day and you’re the outdoors type what can you get up to that will add a romantic spark to the most frigid time of the year. Decorating the garden with traditionally romantic images is a good start, you could plant roses all over the place but they wouldn’t thank you, what with being hot-housed to bloom early. Your other alternative is red love hearts. You could get confetti but it’s a real pain to pick up afterwards. But there are always alternatives, like taking a roll of pink or red crepe paper and concertinaing it as you would if you were going to make paper dolls, except you cut out hearts instead! Use your string of hearts as bunting to hang about the garden or cut them out completely to throw liberally about the garden, but make them big, it makes them so much easier to clear up afterwards.

If you have a gazebo you could festoon it with red fabric, place a fire pit or chiminea nearby and watch the sunset with a glass of champagne. Putting on the patio heater might be a good idea too, but be careful that there’s now fabric flapping around loose nearby.

Candles are prone to go out in the wind so collect as many old jars as you can and make sure they’re all clean then you can put tea lights in them and they won’t blow out. Wrap a little of that red crepe paper around them for the romantic glow that you’re looking for.

If you have a tree or even a bush or hedge you might like to decorate it with fairy lights (make sure they’re safe for outdoor use first) and streamers, rubber ducks in the pond can also help to give the sense of springtime as can chocolate bunnies which are just starting to become available for Easter.

Whatever you’re going to do, make sure you have plenty of rugs, hot drinks and most of all, privacy!


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