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We’re Not Fans Of Memory Loss

Written by Alex under Ceiling Fans, General | No Comments ""

Twenty three years ago a young mother was injured by a ceiling fan which meant that she lost her entire memory. Once the injuries had healed she had to relearn how to walk, talk, read and write, she also had to redefine herself as a person.

Su Meck Today

The accident happened when Su Meck, then twenty two picked up her son Patrick while standing under a fan, her baby suffered no significant injuries but the impact dislodged the fan and caused it to fall, hitting Su in the head. She calmly passed Patrick to her husband Jim and promptly collapsed.

The blow had caused advanced retrograde amnesia, the most widely thought of, yet actually quite rare ‘Hollywood’ amnesia which robs a person of all their memories before a particular event. The only way Hollywood amnesia differs from advanced retrograde amnesia is that another bump on the head won’t bring the memories rushing back.

Instead, Mrs Meck had to develop back into a fully function adult from the starting point of a toddler, a toddler who found it incredibly hard to make new memories and was forever forgetting where she put things. Mrs Meck is better now, in fact, better than ever according to a rather odd comment from her husband Jim who said she was a “kinder person now” and that he was thankful for the opportunity to have a new life with a woman who suddenly didn’t recognise him!

Of course the urban myths about parents walking into restaurants with children in their shoulders only to leave again with the child a full head shorter have all been disproved, but that’s not to say that a ceiling fan couldn’t still do you or your child some damage if you’re not prepared.

The invention of the Wii and other motion based games consoles have resulted in injuries that have involved ceiling fans. Jumping about and dancing where a ceiling is too low to really suit a fan has resulted in cuts and bruises to hands and damage not only to the fan but to gaming equipment too.


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