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Out Doors Kids Are Happy Kids

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While it may not be the most obvious idea, getting the kids out of the house and into the garden in winter can be fun and educational.

During the winter children can become housebound, they sit in their rooms playing on games machines or getting under your feet at weekends and during the holidays. Often bored out of their little minds they can easily find distraction in fighting their siblings or getting under your skin.

Instead of tearing your hair out or screaming inwardly, why not have a look at these ideas for things you can get up to which will keep the kids outdoors, active and enjoying themselves?

First of all, winter is surprisingly colourful. It’s easy to think of it being grey and bleak but when the leaves turn they produce a blush of colour which is just as vivid as the flowers of summer. Buy a bunch of ‘disposable’ cameras and go on an expedition to photograph the season. Provided they’re wrapped up warm they’ll have hours of fun, at least until the film runs out. When you get them processed don’t just get a run of boring six by eights, these days you can have photos printed as fridge magnets, mugs, plates and tee shirts. Maybe that would even be the perfect gift for a doting grandma at Christmas?

If that’s got their creative juices flowing how about another art project? What with all the leaves and twigs lying about all over the place how about creating collage? A large sheet of paper, a pot of paste and all the materials that nature has to offer are all they will need to create masterpieces of creativity. Colourful leaves lend themselves particularly well to the texture of feathers and scales so see who can make the most elaborate bird of fish. Another idea which will really take off is making and flying kites. Spend a few hours making the most elaborate, beautiful kites and then take them to the park if your garden isn’t big enough. By the time you get them home they’ll be famished and exhausted so they’ll eat their tea and be off to bed without any arguments.

While thinking of wildlife, spark their interest in nature. Migratory birds are visiting us from all over the snowy wastes of Europe and even Siberia. So while most of us wouldn’t know a Muscovy duck from a mallard encourage your children to re-connect with nature by learning their names and their habits. Putting bird feeders in the garden will encourage them into the garden as well as providing lunch for squirrels and who know what other wildlife. If you have the space you could see about creating a wildlife corner where animals could come to feel safe, maybe even hibernate and breed. I defy any child not to be moved when infant hedgehogs and squirrels start making their presence known in spring.

The garden is also a great place to throw a party for all your children’s friends and neighbours, even in winter. A barbecue might not be immediately obvious but give the young some active games to play while you cook off the burgers and sausages, a few mugs of hot chocolate and soup and they can be entertained for hours. As the afternoon wears on patio heaters and lights will help to keep everyone comfortable until it’s time to go home.


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