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Preventing Mould Is Just As Important As Keeping Dust Down

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It’s not only in spring that you’ll suffer from dust, pollen and other allergic reactions. A great deal of dust can get behind the radiators in the warmer months and when the central heating comes on all those allergens come flowing out, up into the lovely warm air currents and swimming about your house. Not only that but the dry air they produce makes the symptoms even worse, what with the dry throat and itchy eyes associated with dehydration.

As we discussed before, humidifiers can help you feel more comfortable when you have a cold or the flu by suppressing dust and keeping you from dehydrating too quickly. That means they also help when you first switch on the heating and it throws up all that dust.

Of course it’s not just humans who suffer when the heat comes on, the lack of moisture in the air and the increased amount of dust will make your pets pretty miserable too. Cats and dogs, birds and hamsters all feel the affects of a dryer atmosphere, they’re just not able to tell you about it (with the obvious exception of parrots of course)! Not only do pets become miserable but dry air can also have a detrimental affect on fixtures and fittings around the home as they shrink and warp thanks to the aridity of the air.

As With All Things, Balance Is The Key

Of course it’s important to keep a balance, too much moisture in the winter, when you naturally have all your doors and windows shut, can lead to damp, condensation and therefore mould. Because fungal spores only need a little moisture to thrive keeping the balance correct is vitally important.

If you keep to this checklist you should be able to keep a healthy atmosphere while also keeping your family, pets and plants happy too.

*The ideal level of humidity is between 25% and 35%, more than that and mould spores can start to grow and spread, any less and dry air and dust become problematic.

*Make sure you use your extractor fans when bathing or cooking as these activities can send humidity levels rocketing, interfering with the central heating/humidifier balance.

*Use HEPA filtration and vacuum cleaners to sweep the air and furnishings regularly as they will remove dust which has been suppressed but still remains in carpeting, bedding and seating.

*Try and prevent children from playing in mouldy environments when out doors. Dank sheds and garages, wooded area in parkland will all contain spores which will adhere to clothing and can then begin growing when clothes are taken off or put away.

*Make sure the entire family washes their hands with antibacterial or alcohol cleansers in order to avoid bacterial or viral infection as much as possible.

*Keep your humidifier clean and change the water regularly.

Follow these simple tips and you should have a happier, healthier winter.


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