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Keeping Your Children Well And Retaining Your Sanity In Flu Season

Written by Alex under Air Purifiers, Humidifiers | No Comments ""

Cold and flu’ season is descending upon us as rapidly as ever and if you’ve got children you’ll know what misery this can be for every-one. Coughs, sore throats, snotty noses and headaches are all to be looked forward to, along with the all pervading smell of camphor if you’re lucky enough to retain a sense of smell.

Now, we’d all like to do all we can when it comes to alleviating our children’s suffering, not least because it alleviates our own! But paediatricians are pointing out that not all remedies are as effective when it comes to children as they are commonly perceived.

Medicating Children Unsupervised Can Cause More Problems Than It Solves

That’s not good news for a lot of people. While there’s still the placebo affect, many doctors and health advisors say that giving children homeopathic treatments have no measureable benefits while giving young children over the counter medication can cause more problems than they solve or have unknown side affects. Using medication for children under six isn’t recommended without a doctor’s direct instruction, and supplements such as vitamins and Echinacea have not been proven to cure, nor relieve winter illnesses.

In fact the general consensus of opinion seems to be to provide plenty of fluids, rest and hugs.

Time and patience are definitely among the most important factors in keeping children healthy during the colder months. Hydration, nutrition and rest are among the best remedies for children and adults, so, while humidifiers aren’t proven to be beneficial in either prevention or treatment of colds and flu, here are a few facts that you might want to bear in mind if you have a school aged family and you want to avoid the worst of winter infections.

+Humidifiers suppress dust, that means that there are less airborne irritants to get into the airways and aggravate sensitive throat and bronchial membranes.

+Humidifiers slow dehydration. As it’s important to remain hydrated a humidifier will prevent excessive moisture being lost thought the skin, eyes and breath. In turn this means that the ill will feel comfortable for longer.

Sometimes Doing Nothing Is The Best Option

While supplements, vitamins and Echinacea don’t seem to cure or relieve ‘flu and mediation isn’t recommended for the under sixes, doing nothing might be the healthiest option as many as six percent of hospital and casualty department admissions in children under 12 are related to medication that is available over the counter being incorrectly administered.

Dr Ran Goldman said that: “parents perceive over the counter drugs as safer than prescribed medications and this is a point we’ve been trying to educate parents around for a very long time. Medications, especially if they are combinations of medication could be dangerous as well.”

Cold medication often contains expectorants which soften mucus, decongestants which affect sinuses and antipyretics along with painkillers. Taking one brand followed too quickly by another dose or another brand’s product could easily result in too much of any one or combination of these medications being in the body at one time, if the metabolism and immune system are already affected by the disease itself.

So, to sum up, in many cases it’s often better to do nothing apart from keep the patient warm and comfortable while the infection runs its course. And, while humidifiers might not play an active role in making anybody actually get better, they do play a large part in keeping the sufferer comfortable, which is key.


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