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How to Choose Ceiling Fans for Conservatories: The Air and Water Centre Guide

Written by Alex under Ceiling Fans | No Comments ""
A ceiling fan suitable conservatory

Image source: Tanglewood Conservatories, Flickr

A conservatory can be a pleasant place to sit when you want to see a little bit of nature without leaving your home entirely. During the hottest parts of the year however, the glass surrounding conservatories can cause a ‘greenhouse effect’ and see the room become unbearably humid and too sticky to sit in. The installation of a ceiling fan however, allows individuals and their families to enjoy their conservatory in perfect comfort whenever they choose.

Why should I choose a ceiling fan for my conservatory?

Just some of the reasons as to why ceiling fans can be considered a better option for conservatories than A/C (air conditioning) units and stand alone fans include:

• They are cheaper to run;
• Kinder to the environment;
• Conveniently positioned;
• An efficient method of air cooling;
• Available in many attractive styles;

Cheaper to run:
A typical ceiling fan uses around 50W per hour ( which equates to 0.05kW). An air conditioner on the other hand would use around 1,500-2,000W per hour (which is the equivalent of 1.5-2kW).  This different is significant considering that each kW in a domestic situation can cost around 14 pence (**This information is correct at the time of this blog’s publication**).

Running the average ceiling fan uses no more energy than a 100 watt bulb so it will not break the bank like an A/C would.

Kinder to the environment:
Due to the low energy consumptions listed above, ceiling fans are kinder to our planet than air conditioning units. Running an air conditioner nonstop throughout the summer months causes a larger carbon footprint than you might first imagine!

Conveniently positioned:
If you have young children or pets, you may be concerned that a standing fan will be knocked over at some point and either break and/or cause injury to your loved ones. This problem is not experienced with ceiling fans and as an added bonus; your conservatory will look less cluttered.

One of the most efficient air cooling options:
Because air naturally stratifies (a process which sees warmer air rising to the top of a room and the cooler air sinking) air temperatures nearer the floor are often colder. Ceiling fans then, are great for regulating an even temperature throughout a room. This is because they are designed so that their blades and rotation draw cold air upwards and push warmer air located close to the ceiling downwards.

A non-ceiling option does not work in the same and usually creates a single stream of air instead causing the room temperature to be inconsistent.

Available in a wide range of styles:
It’s far to say that the majority of standalone fans and A/C units are pretty generic looking and are usually only available in the colour white. Ceiling fans however, are available to purchase in a vast range of styles, colours and materials (wood, plastic and metal). This means that you will be sure to find one that matches the rest of your meticulously designed interior.

Do I need a ceiling fan with built in lighting?

Although many ceiling fans come with lighting built in, you might prefer one that does not comprise this for the glass of conservatories already allow a lot of light to enter the room. You may also already have another light source set up in your conservatory and too much lighting can make a room look crowded, draw the eye away from your preferred focal points of the space and even has the potential to cause headaches.

Ceiling fans comprising light however are a great option for those who have limited space and/or are looking for an attractive two-in-one option. Buying your fan and lighting rig in one unit can also see you save money. ceiling fan recommendations:

The Roma Ceiling Fan

The Roman ceiling fan from AirandWaterCentre

The Roman ceiling fan from AirandWaterCentre

112cm diameter

This 5 blade Italian designed ceiling fan is a sleek and lightweight option for your conservatory. Remote operation, a brushed metal finish and a 4 hour off timer make the Roma a very attractive fan indeed. The opaque blades means that this ceiling fan is versatile and will work with almost any interior design.

The Sienna Ceiling Fan

Sienna ceiling fan

Sienna ceiling fan from AirandWaterCentre

107cm diameter

This quietly operating, 3 speed ceiling fan has four wooden blades with smooth, rounded edges. This means that the fan is less industrial in aesthetic making it a great addition to home environments. This fan looks fantastic when placed in a conservatory that already comprises wooden furniture items and/or decor. The brushed metal finish really adds to the attractive style of this fan.

Firenze Ceiling Fan

Firenze ceiling fan

Firenze ceiling fan from AirandWaterCentre

92cm diameter

This fan is slightly smaller than the others stocked by Air and Water Centre and is therefore an ideal option for those concerned that their ceiling fan will be too much of a visual obstruction. The fan’s black colour will see it match the majority of interior designs and the Firenze’s 6 blades are not for design purposes only; they are to limit the noise that the fan makes whilst in motion to a whisper.

Hunter Valhalla Ceiling Fan with remote Control

Hunter ceiling fan

Hunter ceiling fan from AirandWaterCentre

142cm diameter

The Hunter Valhalla really is the ultimate in roof fan luxury. Constructed in coffee coloured beech wood, the Hunter can be controlled via remote control meaning that the unit is cordless and particularly sleek as a result. It is also one of our quietest models, due to its retro American design and wobble free canopy. Conveniently, this ceiling fan can be mounted as standard or at an angle.


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