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A Few Winter Warmers

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Winter drawers on! And as the temperature plummets it’s time to think about heating solutions. For small rooms which aren’t part of the central heating system the most versatile solution is an oil filled radiator, they heat up quickly, are easily portable, equipped with a timer and small enough to slot into even the smallest available space. They make a shed or garage a comfortable place to work and can be safely stored away in the warmer months.

A more long term solution is the panel heater. Air And Water have a great range which attach to the wall and connect to mains electricity. While not being portable they offer immediate heat which can be installed on most walls and being slim-line they shouldn’t interfere with the present layout of your room.

Making Your Workspace A HotSpot

Air And Water also have a range of fan heaters and convector heaters. These heaters again provide immediate heat which is easy to control. They are good for bedrooms, offices, lofts and garages, however, because of the reliance on a clear flow of air it’s important that they are attended at all times unless anything blocks the vents.

Then we come on to industrial and space heaters. Industrial fan heaters can provide a warm blast throughout a space that’s larger than a room which you want get warmer quickly, most usually found in workshops and studios which aren’t attached to gas mains they’re an easily transportable heater which again, shouldn’t be left unattended.

As well as gas fired space heaters and fan assisted heaters there are also radiant space heaters. These offer touch construction, aren’t easily moved around yet are easy to control using the output and thermostat controls. Because they are well build they are great in an industrial situation.


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