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Stamp Out The Damp

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As the winter draws closer and the weather gets increasingly worse keeping the belongings you have in storage in good condition becomes more and more pressing. Damp is a perennial problem, soft furnishing, foam filled furniture and plaster will go mouldy, stored timber will warp everything tuns musty and untreated metals begin to corrode. Ventilation, of course will help but that can only go so far.

Stay Dry, Stay Spry

Black Mould, A Health Hazard

If you have a problem keeping moisture out of your car or van, boat, garage, lock-up or caravan then you’re going to need a more active solution than just keeping the window open and giving it ‘a good airing.’ If you have cupboards or lockers which need to be kept dry in the cold damp weather then traditional methods like bags of salt or more up-to-date technologies like silica gel will make a dent but won’t necessarily handle the problem.

Superdry Super Fast

At Air And Water we’re currently very proud of our Superdry desiccant, it absorbs up to 150% its own weight in moisture, much better than silica gel. Designed to use in boats and caravans it can also be used in a host of other applications where ambient humidity needs to be kept low. They work quickly and can quickly solve damp problems in spaces anything from 1m cubed to 14m cubed.

The desiccant granules come in small packs of a few grams up to 50g and 100g which can be dispersed around storage areas like drawers, cupboards and lockers while the much bigger 1kg sacks can be put centrally in a small room, caravan, or boat cabin to rapidly draw out the moisture arresting mould, eliminating smells and stopping the creeping rust on ferrous metal tools.


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