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Things Are Hotting Up In The Garden

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If you’ve stayed in Britain over the summer you’ll probably have already invested in an outdoor heater! Apart from the odd day the weather has been terrible. A friend of mine who studies climatology at Sussex University told me that the weather patterns have changed so much that we should expect a hot spring and rainy summer for the foreseeable future. Who’d have thought we’d be harking back fondly to the days of hose-pipe bans and swarms of flying ants?!


Since the smoking ban was introduced four years ago most pubs, bars and restaurants have invested in electric or gas patio heaters. Today more and more of us are also getting them for the home, they make the garden more “user friendly” not just on a wet august evening but all year round. Choose an infra-red heater and the heat, being transmitted by light, won’t ‘blow away’ in the way that the heat from a gas standard will meaning that as long as you’re lit you’re warm.

A Typical View Of A British Beach This Summer

Can We Fix It?

As well as patios and gardens they’re also very practical in workshops. Space heaters smell funny, cause a great deal of condensation (a litre of water for every litre of liquid gas burned) are heavy and a potential fire risk. Mount an IR heater on your wall or ceiling and you will have instant heat as the light doesn’t heat the air but anything that stands in its way.

Safety First

It’s also important to remember that as well as being less of a fire risk as they have no naked flames, electric heaters pose no danger when they’re switched off, keeping canisters of gas around the workshop carries inherent risks thanks to wear, accidental damage, incorrectly fitted joints, the list is almost endless. Another advantage they have is that they can be as easily operated by children as switching on and off a light.

Provided they are safely installed, clear of overhanging foliage or other flammable materials there’s no reason why you shouldn’t keep on enjoying your patio all year round, be it a grey summer or a gloomy winter.


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