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Have A Healthier Winter With A Humidifier

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This summer has been the coldest in 20 years, I’m sure that will come as a surprise to no-one who’s been unfortunate enough to stay in the UK for the past couple of months but now that September’s here and we start to think about turning the heating back on there are a few things we should consider before kicking up the heat.

Keep it Clean.

If your central heating system has been off for the past few months house dust, pollen and other allergens will have collected behind your radiators and heating elements unless you’re unusually fastidious about keeping things clean. Once the heating is switched back on the convection current will cause an entire summers’ worth of material to float up and into your home or office. The effect is scratchy throats, sore eyes coughing and sneezing and a reduced immune system which will make people more susceptible to colds, flu and other seasonal ailments. Cleaning ventilation systems and radiators before they are switched on will keep every-one happier and healthier as well as snug in their hot homes and workplaces.

Keep it Moist.

Antiques Damaged By Warping

Central heating can also cause the humidity in a building to plummet. Not only does this cause health effects like headaches, dry throats, noses and eyes, it’s terrible for your houseplants, furniture and fittings too, the dryness of the air causes untreated wood to shrink, deform and split while plants dry out much faster than when humidity is normal.

Untreated wood is most likely to be old wood so your favourite heirlooms, collectibles and valuables are unfortunately the most likely to suffer from the damaging effects of dehydration.

So, What’s the Solution?

Installing a humidifier will, in most instances, go a long way to helping with many of the destructive effects that turning on the heating will cause. Not only will it prevent dehydration both in the person, your pets and furniture it will help suppress dust and pollen which can come as a result of the dry air making it easier to clean as well.

Which Humidifier for Me?

Choosing the right humidifier is quite important, get the wrong one and you either over-humidify your environment or under-humidify, meaning that you might as well not have bothered in the first place.

Over humidifying will result in furniture being even more prone to warping and distortion as the difference in humidity is even more pronounced, not only that but it will lead to increased condensation and damp, ultimately leading to mould and fungal encroachment which can be even more damaging than not having humidified in the first place.

You also have the choice of steam and cold humidifiers, cold humidifiers work by vibrating a membrane in a reservoir forcing moisture into the air, steam ones produce vapour by heating the water.

Once you’ve chosen the right humidifier for your needs, located it in the appropriate position for optimum hydration you should find your winter being a happier, healthier one.


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