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Don’t let Mould ruin your Home Decorating Efforts!

Written by Alex under Dehumidifiers | No Comments ""

A friend of mine started 2011 by renovating the very small bathroom in the basement of her four tier house. It had been looking grotty for quite a while and some black mould was starting to emerge in the corners of the room and so, in went a new shower unit, basin and tiles, as well as a lick of paint.

Don't let mould destroy your home!

The pride in her newly decorated W/C was short lived however as one day in March when she was perched upon her porcelain throne, she looked up and noticed that the mould had returned. Pressing work related matters meant that she couldn’t address the issue right away and a week later, the problem had spread considerably.

I had to make it clear to her that a wipe down and yet another lawyer of paint was not going to defeat the festering beast! It was time for her to address the actual cause of these spores.

Mould thrives in moist conditions and the bathroom’s location – between two dark basement bedrooms – means that the room not only lacks any built in ventilation but also lacks direct sunlight, which contains UV rays which can end the spawning of mould spores. Although there was little she could do to add sun beams to the room, I advised her that a dehumidifier was the obvious solution for preventing the high moisture levels in the room’s atmosphere.

Soon after, my friend purchased herself a wall mountable dehumidifier from us in order to keep moisture levels below 60% – the magic number that gives birth to mould. Disinfecting the mould laden area regularly and turning the unit on for an hour during/after running the shower has seen a considerable decrease in fungal formation but needless to say she is holding off on repainting the area for the time being until she is sure she has won the spore war!


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