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Celebrity Singers aid Vocals with Humidifiers

Written by Alex under General, Humidifiers | No Comments ""

When one thinks of members of the A List, images of indulgent glamour and stylish accessories come to mind. Designer handbags, expensive bling, luxury vehicles…and humidifiers!?

Mariah Carey: A keen humidifier user!

Image:, FlickR

Well, if you happen to be a pop star that last suggestion isn’t actually that ridiculous. Britney Spears, Celine Dion, Mary J. Blige and Mariah Carey are just four singers who are heavily rumoured to take a humidifier wherever they go – especially during a tour of before another important performance – for the benefit of their vocal chords, as well as additional reasons (healthier skin and/or allergy relief, for example).

Mary J Blige goes one step further and refuses to enter air conditioned environments on any days she is due to perform, for fear of drying out and damaging the muscles in her throat.

There is some theory to this diva-esque madness however.  Vocal chords work at their best when they are kept as moist as possible – ideally wet enough to vibrate up to 1700 times every second – and sleeping with a humidifier next to your bed can aid this by keeping the surrounding atmosphere moist. Any budding singer out there may wish to invest then!

It is ironic that Britney’s vigorous dance routines have caused regular speculations in the press that she regularly mimes whilst on tour but we have to award her bonus points for keeping up the pretence!


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