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Japanese Professionals told to wear Hawaiian shirts in wake of Air Con Concerns

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Although global warming is an extremely pressing matter and the recent natural disasters in Japan a truly devastating tragedy, we at the Air and Water Centre couldn’t help but be tickled by this recent news story.

Japanese professionals have been advised by the Government to ditch suits, collars and ties in favour for attire one would be more likely to see on a beach, namely loose Hawaiian shirts and open toe sandals as part of an initiative named ‘Super Cool Biz.’

Can you imagine a Japanese businessman wearing on of these Hawaiian shirts?

Image: magical-world, FlickR

The power consumed in Japan is at its highest during the humid late spring and summer period and it is highly suspected that the many air conditioning systems in otherwise stuffy work environments are one of the biggest culprits for this.

With the recent earthquakes and resulting tsunami which saw the colossal nuclear power station in Fukushima cause several caustic explosions, saving energy in Japan is more important than ever and so the imitative aims to see many company restricting the use of their air con in the future.

Don’t expect to see many Japanese office workers – who are known for being immaculately dressed – take advantage of the advice however. According to Richard Lloyd Parry, the Tokyo correspondent for The Times newspaper, employees follow the lead of their employers, many of which are unlikely to drop their own smart appearances.

In light of this fact, we think that funding should be steered towards researching, developing and installing more energy efficient air conditioning systems so that at least the amount of energy being zapped will become lesser than current levels.


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