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Croup & humidifiers

Written by Duncan under Humidifiers | 2 Comments ""

By being in an atmosphere with a high humidity, the severe coughing that comes with croup can be relieved. A high humidity can be created by standing in a bathroom with the hot taps or shower running, by simply going outside as the air is often wetter outside than in, or by adding water to the air with a humidifier. This is the most practical solution for getting a good night’s sleep.

Any humidifier will increase a room’s humidity but for relieving symptoms of croup, steam humidifiers are best solution. The moisture being released into a room from a steam humidifier has been boiled and is therefore totally hygienic and won’t add any particles to the atmosphere like an ultrasonic might. We’d recommend the 2231 Steam HumidifierTurmix or Boneco Vapouriser.

2231 Steam Humidifier

The 2231 is the most expensive but its main advantage is that it has an integrated humidistat that will allow you to set the humidity to a certain level. The other two can be used with a Plug-in humidistat but the combined price makes the 2231 a much better deal. It also has other features like a removeable water tank, allowing you to easily fill it, and two levels of output.

The Turmix is the quitest of the three. The water is warmed rather than boiled so the steam is released without any noise. It’s still hygienic as the vapour can’t carry particulate matter or bacteria.

The Boneco Vapouriser is the most economical of the three and is still a very reliable little humidifier. It also has fragrance cup so that essential oils can be evaporated into an atmopshere. It’s also great to use with Vicks if you’ve got a cold or are simply a bit congested.


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