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Time To Cool Down Now That Things Are Hotting Up

Written by Alex under Air Conditioners, General | No Comments ""

Before the weather gets too hot, it’s a good time to think about doing some maintenance on your air conditioners to make sure they’re running efficiently.

Keeping the air conditioner running at an optimum level will not only save you money it’ll save you power and therefore keep the greenhouse gasses which are thought to add to global warming down too.

Failing to keep your air con properly maintained can mean that the efficiency drops by about 5% per year. That might not sound like much but when you consider that’s 5% more discomfort and 5% more in price every year you can see the advantage of spending a few minutes making sure your unit is running perfectly.

Keeping your air conditioning unit can prevent bigger problems down the line too; changing filters and seals when they start to look worn means that you won’t experience a costly and uncomfortable breakdown later on, like anything, prevention is better than cure.

There are few pointers which will tell you when you need to have a service, some are obvious and some not so much.

If your house isn’t cooling as it should or the humidity is increasing then it’s worth checking that filters, seals and coolants are all intact and at the right levels.

These are obvious signs but it’s still important to have an annual inspection even if you don’t notice any stand-out problems. Other things which can be checked are the controls, compressors and electrical parts are checked for wear, dust and other damage. Depending on the type of air con unit you have exterior coils could need to be checked for damage, dirt and corrosion. You’ll also want to check the air flow and calibrate the thermostats.

If you rely heavily on your air conditioning it might be worth considering a professional come service your equipment if all that sounds a bit daunting, it might not be cheap but it would be far more expensive to call an engineer in an emergency.

Keep your air conditioning unit cool by keeping it in the shade, this means it will run more efficiently and won’t be recording the wrong temperature and therefore working harder then it need to maintain the correct temperature in your home or office. You should also try to keep pets, plants and loose fabrics clear from the machine as fur, foliage or folds can all interrupt the flow of air and make the equipment have to work harder.

If you can, try to keep your thermostat set above 25 degrees. For every degree below 25 degrees you go you’re adding 8% to your energy consumption.

Make efficient use of your timer. If your house is empty all day it’s not worth keeping it cool all day long so set your timer so that the AC comes on half an hour to an hour before you come home rather than relying solely on the thermostat. No point paying for cold air which you’r enot going to enjoy.

Is it time to think about replacing your air conditioner all together? If you’ve had it for some time it won’t be nearly as efficient as a new one thanks both to wear on the old unit and energy efficiency developments in brand new units. Expensive repair and maintenance will only increase while buying a new, energy efficient model means that you should only have to worry about cleaning the filters each month.


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